Multifunctional Reusable Double-Sided 3 Packs
$80.99 $59.99

Multifunctional Reusable Double-Sided 3 Packs

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$80.99 $59.99

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It’s a revolutionary new tape that doesn’t use adhesive but is strong enough to hold an incredible 17.5 lbs on any surface! Alien Tape is the incredible new advanced-grip technology tape that instantly locks anything into place without screws or anchors! It’s also reusable — just remove, rinse and reuse! Use it again and it’s just as strong! Alien Tape defies gravity, even when it’s wet. It’s perfect for glass. Use it for heavy towels and it stays in place. When you’re done, remove it and there’s no sticky residue! The secret is advanced nano-grip technology. It’s like millions of microscopic suction cups that lock on and hold tight to any surface! Pull to release the suction and it comes right off! Alien Tape grips to everything, instantly! Hang heavy pictures onto any surface in a flash. Use it outdoors to mount without nails or screws. It’s tough and stands up to the elements. Perfect for decorating for the holidays or celebrations. Use it to stop furniture from sliding. It locks into place and won’t damage floors! Keep carpets in place or secure your phone while driving. And there’s never any residue because there’s no glue!


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20 reviews for Multifunctional Reusable Double-Sided 3 Packs

  1. Dee

    Best purchase for your money! This product does exactly as advertised. I would definitely recommend it. I feel like this product should always be kept handy!

  2. Robert

    I read the back of this tape and was amazed at all the uses it had so I had to try it! This product has nano grip technology and can hold up to 17.5 pounds! Alien Tape is also reusable as you can wash it,rinse it and use it again and again.This product can be used on any surface and does not leave a residue behind,it’s also easy to tear, holds strong and is water proof as well.This tape is so versatile and so easy to use,it makes any project a breeze.I highly recommend this product!

  3. Tim

    I bought this tape to hang an in cased baseball bat, that approximately weights 5 pounds. The tape says it will hold 17 pounds but it fell. The wall is painted with semi-gloss paint.I think I should of sanded the wall first. I also used it to attach a mirror to a wood stained door and it worked perfectly.

  4. Summer

    I got this and immediately put it to the test.Its the coolest thing.The box has 3 big rolls.Its super easy to use.You cut the size you need, attach it to whatever u want and that’s it.This will save me money because I used to buy command strips and they are little costly.Alien tape is reusable therefore saving me some cash.I hung two things today and tomorrow I am sure I will find another project to do.This is so cool.

  5. Joy

    I used it on 3 different things so far and it works great. It comes with 3 large rolls and the tape can be reused. So far a hung a floral arrangement, secured a rug and secured a recliner on the wood floor that kept moving around. Everything is still holding strong. I’m really impressed. Its very easy to work with and doesn’t leave a mess.

  6. Judy

    This product is awesome for the interior decorators out there!! This product allows you to hang anything you want without leaving any holes in the drywall perfect for apartment inhabitants! And it’s clear so it doesn’t look at tacky. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to redecorate

  7. Mark

    Just tryed my alien tape and it is everything it says. Its multifunctional reusable ( and you can reuse it cause i did) double-sided waterproof. Indoor and outdoor . i was skeptical at first but i used it on a glass picture that had a broken hook on it that i loved so much..put the alien tape on it pressed it on the wall and wow it hung tightly to the wall!

  8. Jen

    Only used it for a few minor things but so far the tape seems to be doing very well in holding up things like a power stick on the side of a table.

  9. Sarah

    I have purchased another brand nano tape that showed it sticked to everything and it did for the first hour. Almost everything fell off. Useless unless really light items. So far this item passed and tested it with a dirty and then cleaner with soap and water 2 inch piece. Still shocked it is holding. I also tested it with holding a plastic outdoor solar light and Stuck it to a resin shed. Surprising holding for weeks now. I will test further but so far promising. Compared to the tape that was super soft and failed after a while, this one is a bit tougher and does not stretch that easily. Might not be the best choice for easy to damage surfaces.

  10. Nyree

    I’ve used this product outdoors to secure vine netting to my fence; it’s been perfect for the last 6 months and my vines have never grown better!
    I’ve used it to secure my window blind brackets to the wall where too many screws mounted in the same place enlarged the hole making the screws loose. A sturdy hold!

  11. Raphael

    I used it to keep my laptop from overheating by sticking some round spacers to the bottom of my laptop so that air could circulate under it. No fancy mats needed; the spacers stay secure no matter where I move the laptop, and it hasn’t overheated since!

  12. Hawthorne

    This product is a real winner, it’s money well spent. I’m buying rolls for all my friends; every household needs to have Alien Tape on hand!

  13. Kathie

    This alien tape is the best adhesive ever. I tried to crazy glue something on my wall and it did not stick, so then I went behind that and used the Gorilla glue. This too, did NOT work. A few days later I applied the Alien tape, and it is stuck like it never needed to be fixed. Keep in mind, I never tried to wipe off or remove the other glue. I used the tape over top of what was already there (a round of Crazy and Gorilla glue). This Alien tape is A M A Z I N G!!!!! It really is out of this world.

  14. Weston

    This stuff really sticks. Be careful removing. Haven’t tried the rinse and reuse yet. Comes with 2 large rolls.

  15. Key

    The product did more than expected. It is very sticky, more on the thicker side than I thought it would be, but will use it again in the future.

  16. Dunbar

    We have hard floors in our house. Added rugs and runners to prevent dogs from slipping when running around. Tried several solutions to keep the rugs in place, but nothing lasted for more than a day. I added 6 3inch strips on the corner and in the middle of the rugs to glue it to the floor. It’s been a week, dogs playing without moving the rugs. Checked that the tape is easy to remove which it is.

  17. Lemuel

    Used this to stick foam acoustic pads to the painted drywall in my movie room. Stuck to both the foam and the wall with great adhesion, easy to cut. Love it!

  18. Una

    Wow! This stuff is great! Sticks very well and easy to remove. I used this tape to make my flower wall on my shed.

  19. Xavier

    Great stickiness. Must have been thr paint on my walls bc the paint came off. I always fight with peeling the other side off. I use it on my bathroom mirror to catch up on news while im getting ready and my grandson listens to music while in the tub when i stick the phone on the wall.

  20. Scarlet

    This stuff is great for anything you want to stick to a wall, ceiling what ever you can think of. I was having a problem trying to attach led light strips to my daughters wall around the ceiling. The double sided tape on the led strips failed within a day. I ordered this stuff, cut it into small strips and attached the led light strips and they have not fallen down. They have been up for about a month now. My daughter has stolen the roll from me and is attaching everything she can to her walls with this stuff. I dont care because it comes off without damaging the walls.

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