Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner
$86.99 $66.99

Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner

(11 customer reviews)

$86.99 $66.99

S4A has been loved by CPAP beginners since its launch in 2018. One-button starts, without complicated operation, S4A suitable for the elderly.

S4A is designed for keeping safety and cleanliness of your CPAP pillow, hose and machine. Uses no soap and no cleaning solutions.

Product Features:

  • Ozone Disinfection: By using proven activated oxygen to thoroughly sanitize your CPAP pillow, hose and CPAP machine. It effectively eliminates 99.9% of harmful things. Independently lab tested and approved

  • Save 50% Your Time: The new T-adapter is allowing clean your pillow, hose and your CPAP Equipment simultaneously, saving 50% of your time.

  • Compact & Portable: Enjoy fully clean CPAP equipment at home or while you travel, the high-capacity battery provides more than 12 sanitizing cycles with a single charge, you can take anywhere, anytime, keep clean and healthy breath.

  • 3 Mode: Easily press 1 button, 3 modes for you to choose: 20-minutes/30-minutes/Continous Modes.

  • Most Compatible: Standard pipe adapter, compatible with all kinds of brand CPAP machines with 15mm, 22 mm, 22.6mm diameter CPAP hoses.

  • Leak-Proof: Include a sealed bag that effectively prevents ozone leak. Don’t worry about not having the fitting adapter; Put all accessories in the sealed bag to get work done.
  • Cost-Effective: No maintenance other than charging on the unit. Just plug in and use it. ZERO attachments needed for this CPAP cleaner.


  1. S4A x 1
  2. USB Cable x 1
  3. Tube Adapter x 2 (Conclude a T-Shaped Adapter)
  4. User Manual x 1
  5. Flexible Hose x 1
  6. Large Leak Proof Sanitizing Bag x 1
  7. Portable Zipper Bag x 1
  8. A/C Charger x 1
  9. User Manual X 1


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11 reviews for Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner

  1. Dee

    I bought the Clean Zone for my husband. I have always been nervous about “as seen on tv” products. This CPAP cleaner is simple to use and works very well. My husband no longer has to wash his CPAP by hand and he actually sleeps much better.

  2. Robert

    I love this item, you put everything in a large zipper bag of which you put hose to adapter to clean and leave mask on, empty water and put container in, and push button on adapter and in 30 minutes done, after an hour remove,, it has a great carry case also, you just have to charge once a week but thats ok

  3. Tim

    Very easy to use. Love the fact that since the ozone generator is put in the bag with the hose and mask, there’s no filters to replace. If you let the cycle finish per the directions, there’s very little residual ozone smell when you open the bag, and if you let the mask and hose sit for an hour or two, no residual smell there either. My wife and I both use it, and we know that the battery lasts for at least 6 cleaning cycles.

  4. Summer

    I love it. It help so much and it was ready the next day.

  5. Joy

    It is as easy and compact as advertised. At least one product promotes truth in advertising.

  6. Judy

    Very pleased and feel good knowing that my equipment is clean and safe , and fresh !

  7. Mark

    I love the CPAP Cleaner. It is small enough to be placed in my toiletries bag when I travel. I was very grateful to find a CPAP cleaner that I could use when I travel without being so cumbersome.

  8. Jen

    It was everything I expected, plus a great price and free shipping.

  9. Mario

    Unit seems to work very well. Very clever, and quite affordable.

  10. Spring

    Was cleaning my CPAP by hand and letting it dry before I could use it. Sometimes it was still damp and had drops of water in the tube when I put it on. Either that or it smelled like what I used to clean it like Dawn dish soap. This was so easy!! Put it all in the bag, plug it into the unit, press start and walk away. I set it on the counter to air after it was done and put on a clean system at bed time. Felt it was cleaner than it’s ever been.

  11. Selina

    Works great easy to use. comes with everything also comes with a storage bag to keep everything it was worth the price.

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