Creality Ender-3 V2 Upgraded DIY 3D Printer Kit

Creality Ender-3 V2 Upgraded DIY 3D Printer Kit

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New Features:

✔ Updated mainboard with silent TMC2208 stepper drivers: Compared to the Ender 3 and Ender 3 pro, a V2 design that delivers users out-of-the-box experience and silence-oriented upgrades(quieter 3D printers).
✔ A new screen with updated easy to use interface
✔ New Heating Element Enclosure.
✔ Smart filament sensor and resume printing.
✔ Easy filament feed function.
✔ X and Y-Axis Belt Tension: quick and fast adjustment. and better to improve dimensional accuracy.
✔ Y-Axis – 4040 Aluminium Extrusion: The Y Axis has been replaced with a 4040 extrusion, the same as the Ender 3 Pro.
✔ This gives greater stability to the Y Axis over the original Creality Ender 3.
✔ Nozzle and Toolbox, convenient and tidy.

Package Included:

1 x Ender-3 V2 3D Printer Kit


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8 reviews for Creality Ender-3 V2 Upgraded DIY 3D Printer Kit

  1. Marry

    This printer completely met my expectations.This thing though lives up to the hype. Largely pre-assembled except from the vertical elements. It really is very well thought out. If you have any experience with 3d printers, you’ll find this simple.

  2. Mich

    Well packaged and organized. Instructions made assembly a breeze. I started the test print in less than 3 hours from opening the box and it came out perfect. I have bought many DIY kits, including one other 3d printer and this is my best experience. I have done 4 projects so far and they have all been perfect prints. Great value for the money.

  3. Tim

    After waiting for years, I finally decided the cost had come down enough to purchase a 3D printer. After doing a lot of research I decided to purchase the Creality Ender-3 V2 Upgraded DIY 3D Printer Kit and I have not been disappointed. So far it has been a great printer. The prints come out a lot better than I expected. So far it has been a workhorse, as it has almost been constantly printing since I received it three weeks ago!

  4. Arlo

    I am so very happy with my decision to go with the Ender 3 V2. This is my first 3D printer and I am loving it more and more each day.

  5. Joy

    It’s all together and getting ready to kick off the first print. This one took about an hour longer than the last because I was much more careful about making sure everything was square and tight. One screw was missing and the Z axis screws that hold the worm screw were all way too tight. Again, I knew to loosen them, so all was good.

  6. Judy

    I ordered this printer a week ago. I got it together in about an hour and had it printing. After leveling the bed and getting a profile setup , this printer has been printing every day since. This is not my first 3D printer as I have a flash forge creator pro, and I love this one more. I like it so much, I have already bought a second one.

  7. Mark

    The package arrived in time.And for the price, this printer is better than expected…by a lot. Setup took about 2 hours.After that, with a quick leveling of the bed, it prints as good as a machine costing several thousand dollars.

  8. Robort

    I am very pleased with the results of my Ender 3. It produces high quality prints. It does require some technical experience though. I am new to 3D printing and I had a lot of prints fail the first few days. However, there is ton of information on the web about this printer and I changed slicer settings, and I have had great results ever since.

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