Day and Night Car Visor
$51.99 $38.99

Day and Night Car Visor

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$51.99 $38.99

Our Day and Night Car Visor makes driving easier by having an instant tool to combat the sunny glare during the day while allowing you to visualize better during the night. This serves as an instant visor without having to wear one. Once clipped on the overhead compartment in the driver’s seat, this visor is adjusted to seat directly in front of the visual field of the driver.

  • Easy to install and adjust.
  • Flexes and rotates to get the best fit for the visual field of the driver.
  • Sun visor and night glasses in one.
  • Stays inside the car (unlike eyeglasses which can be left somewhere or misplaced).
  • Effectively filters UV rays and prevents eye strain day or night.
  • Size: 12.6 Inches in width and 5.1Inches in length




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7 reviews for Day and Night Car Visor

  1. Okami

    I was surprised to find this, and even more surprised at how well it works. I put this in my expedition vehicle and absolutely love it. Fits any visor and stays out of the way until needed, and it’s there in a jiffy! Recommend for sure.

  2. yrollam

    Wow! What a difference at night, the new white light headlights used to be blinking but now I don’t have a problem seeing at night with on coming traffic. The daytime shield works well also.I will be buying a second one for my passenger side.

  3. Cayetano

    Bought this for my elderly mother who lives in Florida. She loves it. It helps when the sun is directly in front of you causing a blind spot.

  4. L. Wilkinson

    I love these, the yellow one helps with night glare and halos around lights. The sun one works great because I am short and the lower sun is stopped by it and I can always see.

  5. koalapatti

    So surprised! I saw this item and thought it might be helpful when driving with the sun in my eyes, especially at sunrise and sunset. It is excellent for that, it blocks the sun yet I can still see traffic lights! I was surprised by the clarity of everything looking through the lenses, so clear and no glare! Easy to install or take off.

  6. Manvir

    The materials are higher quality, the build is sturdier and it is better secured to the visor. Definitely an upgrade. Haven’t had a chance to check the night version, but the sun shade is great. Just the right size and perfectly positioned.This one is just right.

  7. Dwight Jones

    This is great for daytime driving and night driving, no more driving blind from the glare of the sun rising or setting and night vision from lights from other vechicles

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