Electric Portable Wall Heater
$61.99 $45.99

Electric Portable Wall Heater

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$61.99 $45.99

Feeling the chill already? This Mini Fan Electric Heater will keep you warm and toasty!

Whether you are doing a spot of DIY in a shed, car maintenance in the garage or just sitting at a draughty desk in a cold office space, all you need is a standard plug socket to surround yourself with warm and cozy air.

Simply plug in the Mini Fan Electric Heater into any outlet for quick and easy heat instantly! No cables, wheels or bulky heating units to get in your way. Just direct, comfy heat straight from the wall! Our Mini Fan Electric Heater is the fastest and easiest way to heat up an entire area for just pennies a day. Now you can save money and warm your household!


• PREMIUM: Our Handy Heater is a powerful space heater that is also incredibly small. Ordinary space heaters are too large to store and so heavy that the wheels can damage your floor, but this portable heater is compact and portable and easily moves from the room any timeany place.

• EASY TO USE: This heater comes with features that allow you to increase and decrease the temperature of the heat that it spits out using arrows that you push up or down, plus you can set timers to only heat the room for a certain amount of time before it shuts down.

• INNOVATIVE: Another button on the Handy Heater allows you to control the speed that the hot air comes out of the device. On extra colds day, you can pump up the fan speed for ultimate heat, whereas on not as cold days, you can pump out just a little bit of heat. Our Handy Heater comes with a user manual.



  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 3.35 x 3.94 x 6.3 inches
  • Digital temperature display
  • Plugs into any outlet
  • 400 watt energy smart heating power
  • 220 volts
  • Heats up to 250 square feet
  • On/Off with timer


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16 reviews for Electric Portable Wall Heater

  1. Spencer

    Great little heater that I use at my office, basement and bedroom. Heats those areas off my main floors instead of cranking up my furnace which saves money.

  2. Graham

    Bought this small heater as a gift and am told it works very well. Pleasantly surprised at the amount of heat given off by such a small device.

  3. Zack

    I started using the Handy Heater last winter because central heat causes sinus problems in the winter. It took the chill off each bedroom and made it very comfortable. I also saved approximately $100 off my monthly electric bill. I checked for 3 months compared to the year before and was very happy! I’ve purchased a few for friends. I would recommend it.

  4. Ishtar

    Super warm and powerful heater!! Would highly recommend for a bedroom or bathroom! I will sometimes put it in my living room as well!

  5. Isadora

    this was one of the best heater investments..I have it in the bedroom and turn it on at bedtime and keeps the room nice and warm at night

  6. Jeanette

    Used this product to warm up the room during cold weather when there was no heat being given yet. It definitely warmed up the room. Well worth the purchase.

  7. Marlon

    This heater worked/works very good in small spaces we put it in our 5×10 camper and it kept us warm I would highly recommend this for anyone

  8. Peter

    I bought this to use in my bathroom so that I would be comfortable stepping out of the shower. Unit works great. A little noisy, but heats up my bathroom nicely. Happy I found this!

  9. Katy

    It heats up my small room (approximately 250 sqf.) quickly in about 10 mins from 50 degrees to 65 degrees. Its compact size is perfect for small space like under desk.

  10. Sheri

    Sticks out from the wall more then I thought but not an inconvenience. Heats up the bathroom for showers in a short amount of time. Works great but definatley for smaller areas. Would take awhile with doors closed to heat a standard size room.

  11. Adam

    I have been using it in the bathroom, works well in small space. I am taking into the RV next. I think it will be perfect.

  12. Katrina

    I got this, because a couple weeks ago I was at a friemds house, and his wife bought this a year ago to keep in the bathroom for those chilly mornings and evening shower. I liked that idea, and living in a 5th wheel RV, it makes it very comfortable, especially in the a.m., it works perfect….

  13. Kenyatta

    Love these little heaters . They give just enough extra warmth when needed and not cost an arm and a leg in electricity!!! Great idea

  14. Tanisha

    This is such a handy little heater and I love that you can set the temperature on it. When set it cycles on and off. I have an old house so no 3 prong plug ins so plugged into extension cord and put little 1/2 feet on bottom corners so it could get air in the bottom intake and it works perfectly.

  15. Nuno

    This little heater does a great job at keeping most of our large kitchen warm and toasty!! I’m really surprised at how well it works. I’m definitely going to order a couple more at some point. Certainly recommend it!

  16. Susan

    Works great to keep our bathroom warm in the winters! We’re in an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere without central heating and air so when winter comes we use a wood burning stove, but for places it doesn’t reach, these small things pack a punch.

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