Hip Hook Psoas Release Tool Hip Flexor Pain Device
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Hip Hook Psoas Release Tool Hip Flexor Pain Device

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$172.00 $129.00

The  Way To Fix Unresolved 

The Hip Hook is the world’s first tool designed to specifically release tension in the psoas and iliacus muscles.

Just a few minutes a day with the Hip Hook can provide long-term pain relief to the lower back, hips, tailbone, knees, and feet.

Two muscles, one tool, problem solved.

Get fast, long-lasting pain relief at home for the same price as one physical therapy appointment.

Designed by a physical therapist, the Hip Hook Deep tissue massage tool eliminates tightness at the core of the hip flexor and quickly reduces strain in the legs, hips, and lower back. Say goodbye to pain caused by hours of desk-sitting, traveling, or working from your couch (yes, we see you). The Hip Hook is the world’s first tool designed to specifically release tension in the psoas AND iliacus muscles and address the root cause of the problem.

The iliacus muscle connects to the pelvic bone and blends with the psoas, making up the hip flexor. A tight iliacus is directly linked to pain in the Lower Back, Tailbone, Hips, Knees, Feet and Toes.

The problem is that the iliacus is prone to holding tension and has always been incredibly hard to target. Until now…llliacus pain release

Easy, At-Home Use

The Hip Hook is the world’s first tool designed to relax the hard to reach iliacus muscle. Simply find your “sweet spot” inside the pelvic bone (don’t worry: we’ll give you a map). Then standing against the wall, or laying on the floor, roll over and apply body weight to the magic hip massager to immediately release tension and reduce pain.

Solve Mysterious Pain in Back, Hips, And Knees

The Hip Hook eliminates tightness at the core of the hip flexor and quickly reduces strain in the legs, hips, and lower back. Say goodbye to the pain caused by hours of sitting at a desk or in a car by releasing your psoas and iliacus with our muscle release and deep tissue massage tool.

Gain Full Range Of Motion

When hip flexors are relaxed, the whole body is stronger, moves better, and feels better. The Hip Hook is a secret weapon for increasing full-body range of motion and symmetry.

A New Method for Reducing Pain at Home

  • Hip flexor release tool with precise height to provide the perfect amount of pressure
  • Rounded base so the tip can rotate to press on the iliacus where it attaches to the pelvic bone
  • Weighted for precise placement
  • Rubber angled tip to be effective yet comfortable


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16 reviews for Hip Hook Psoas Release Tool Hip Flexor Pain Device

  1. Saniyah

    I am a massage therapist and taekwondo instructor. I stand still all day long, and my back waist prevents me from standing. I used Hip Hook, which relieved all my back pain. I use it for maintenance, but this is not very common.

  2. Justice

    From day one, Hiphook changed the chronic pain of my lower back and hip flexors-as the muscles were released, I could do deeper every day.

  3. Kassandra

    Over 25 years ago I injured my lower back. Since then if I workout too much it leads to tightness and ultimately back spasms.

  4. Elisabeth

    My job has me sitting all day and I enjoy PC gaming which adds more hours to my sitting. I’ve tried many different tools, professional massage, chiropractor, stretching…you name it. This is the only tool that has worked to give me total relief! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless you!

  5. Adalyn

    From years of continuous, chronic pain in my hips, quad, back, neck, & jaw. I have improved posture & more mobility in my neck. With the hip hook I can do this as needed without visits to a practitioner.

  6. Kaylynn

    I have struggled with back, hip, knee and foot pain for years!I ordered the Hip Hook and it has made a huge difference in lowering my pain and improving my mobility along with the additional suggestions included in the book. I highly recommend this product!

  7. Mercedes

    I’ve had this tool for 10 days and I am already noticing a difference. My muscles do feel like they are loosening up and pain is slowly being alleviated. I have a low back issue (disc is reversed in my spine) which causes low back pain, hip pain and recently knee pain. The hip hook does work to get into this muscle. It’s not an overnight correction by any means but there is rarely a quick fix. I’m keeping this product and plan to share with others so they can try it for themselves.

  8. Yesenia

    Allowed me to have a tool at home to use in addition to stretching, strengthening outside of my physical therapy with a specialist.

  9. Kaitlynn

    When using Hip Hook for the first time, you may feel very nervous. This may be because your muscles are under a lot of tension, and this tension may never have been applied. Over time, this feeling will get better.

  10. Elliana

    I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher. I work on my body with balls, yoga and fascial work almost daily but getting to the Iliacus by myself has been really difficult. The hip hook is amazing and so easy to use!

  11. Mikaela

    The hip hook first proved that the root cause of my knee pain and foot numbness was related to the linked bone. This is also the perfect way to start opening that muscle that has been neglected for a long time. The initial result happened very quickly. Now, only maintenance is required. Crazy thinking that this gadget is what I need for a long time.

  12. Brylee

    I only used the tools for 3 weeks and my hips changed! I hope that through more use, I can gain more flexibility, relieve pain, and be able to appreciate the tools, authors and techniques!

  13. Brylee

    I’ve only used this tool for 3 weeks, I can tell something has changed in my tight hip! Hoping with more use, I can gain more flexibility, have less pain & be able to rave more about the tool, the author & techniques!

  14. Dylan

    The hip hook really worked for me. I got the bundle with the book and the ball, and the ball is also excellent, both for working the hip muscles and for rolling the glutes. I was persuaded to purchase by the money-back guarantee, but I’m definitely keeping it. Very impressive design and quality manufacturing.

  15. Isabela

    I have a herniated L5 and really bad sciatic pain, this has really helped reduce the pain and tightness.

  16. Jaliyah

    My hip flexors are tight, and the nearest psoas muscle is tight. I tried a few times to find the correct position, but the feeling of these muscles made a big difference. I pay special attention when I walk; my hips feel more “free”.

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