5 in 1 Multi-Lens Case For iPhone 11, 11 pro, pro max

5 in 1 Multi-Lens Case For iPhone 11, 11 pro, pro max

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Multi-Lens case for iPhone 11、11 pro、pro max

5 different Lens, 5 different professional effects slide, and flip-up design makes your iPhone 11 outstanding(Macro Lens、Fisheye Lens、CPL Polarizer Lens、Depth of field Lens)

  • Portable with Slide And Flip Up Design
  • CPL Polarizer Lens Help You Shoot Perfect Landscape
  • 10X 20X Macro Lens
  • 2X Depth of Field Lens
  • 180 Degree Fish-Eye Lens Creates Visual Shock



Lens description:
1. Fisheye lens: It can take a 160-degree viewing angle, and the photos are very three-dimensional.
2. Wide-angle lens: Using a 0.65x ultra-wide-angle lens allows you to shoot a larger range of sceneries, such as larger crowds, buildings and landscapes.
3. Telephoto lens: shooting with a 3x telephoto lens makes you immersive.
4. Macro lens: can focus to 10-15mm distance to take photos, with 10X-20X magnification.

Precautions for lens use:
1. Pay attention to dust and dust. Do not touch the glass lens with your fingers or other objects. Dust or foreign objects sticking to the lens or inside will affect the shooting effect. Remember to cover the protective cover after use. Into the storage bag
2. Like digital products, it is inherently afraid of water, it is difficult to come out after water is in, and fog is easy to form, which makes the photo blurry and unusable;
3. To prevent falling, the built-in lens is made of high light transmission material, and it is likely to be broken when dropped on a hard object.


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3 reviews for 5 in 1 Multi-Lens Case For iPhone 11, 11 pro, pro max

  1. Valerie

    I got this case because it came with multiple lenses and the case allows for you to also purchase additional lenses.
    Cost Effective – cost of a case but also comes with lenses
    Slim Protective Case
    Removable lenses
    Polarizer lens Filter
    Good Material
    Macro lens is awesome
    I would recommend this case to someone who is looking to add these lenses to their phone, I am hoping to buy some more lenses that attach via case.

  2. Elliott

    Smart phone perfect fit for my iPhone 11 Pro max

  3. Renstrom

    Just a really cool addition and break out your imagination.

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