Moki Vehicle Rooftop Doorstep
$53.99 $39.99

Moki Vehicle Rooftop Doorstep

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$53.99 $39.99


  • EASY ACCESS TO ROOF: Load and strap down car top cargo bags and boxes; canoes, kayaks, and SUPS; skis and snowboards; bikes; and wash your vehicle’s roof!
  • 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Shop confidently; our service team is based in the USA & skillfully trained to help you with any questions or concerns.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: The only patented Door Step of its kind, AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK, compatible with all vehicles in both front and rear doors.
  • SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR VEHICLE: Extended platform supports both feet for maximum stability, 8. 75” L x 3” W x 5. 25” H, while the Step’s rubber bumper and coated hook protect your vehicle’s finish.
  • RUGGED DESIGN: Aircraft-grade aluminum construction makes the Moki Door Step lightweight yet strong enough to support 400lbs.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply hook over your vehicle’s door latch; stows away in your glove box, center console, or spare tire compartment. Includes: Door Step and set up guide.


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8 reviews for Moki Vehicle Rooftop Doorstep

  1. Robert

    Bought 2 of these to use on my JK Jeep as a step to help the height challenged open up the roof top tent. They are solid and I can place 2 feet on them. Really worked well!

  2. Joy

    The quality mattered to me and I was not disappointed!

  3. Judy

    Fantastic design and beyond sturdy. Addressing the dent complaints… I attached an eighth-inch-thick, furniture floor pad over the screws. Works peachy; no dents. Love this product; just ordered a second for my Highlander.

  4. Mark

    Appears very well build and would be easy to use. Certainly more efficient than a stool and easier to store.

  5. Spring

    This fits well in my Subaru Forester Limited edition. Sits horizontally to latch with no tilt. Gives the right amount of hight for a 5’6″ person to reach our car topper, which is placed in the center of the car and not off to one side. I say that because I thought I’d have to reposition the car topper to one side to reach inside, but with this it’s not necessary. Gives excellent hight.

  6. Selina

    This is a great product for getting up to access the roof of an SUV. Eliminates the need for a ladder and is obviously very portable.

  7. Ersland

    Purchased to use in our Jeep Grand Cherokee to access our roof Thule while on our FL to AK and return trip. Used almost everyday. Very sturdy. I’m 6’2″, 235lbs and it easily held me. The platform is wide enough for me to stand with both feet on it.

  8. David

    This thing wasn’t cheap but it’s nice to have. It doesn’t scratch your car or slip around and feels very stable standing on it. I have big feet and only fit one foot on it. I mainly use it to secure kayaks to the roof of my car. The fact that it’s so small and can be easily stored this is a great product to have!

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