PM2.5 Air Quality Dust Sensor Tester
$90.99 $67.99

PM2.5 Air Quality Dust Sensor Tester

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$90.99 $67.99

– Acrylic clear case shell, high transmittance to be looked through
– Built in for ARM 32 bit processor, accurate detection & system fluency
– 2.8″ TFT screen, colorization display, wide angle vision up to 180°
– High sensitivity sensor ensures the high accuracy in data collections
– Semi-closing design performs excellent in heat radiation, long-life use
– Multipurpose in air quality detection in PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10.0, AQI, temperature&humidity, suspended particulate matter
– Real-time detection results will be shown on screen in corresponding colors related to collected datas
– Lightweight, easy to use and be a straightaway in data interpretation
– Power supply in DC 5V universal, usb socket, car charger, power bank, etc
– Suitable for home/office and car or part scope on air quality detection

Material: Acrylic Case + Electronic Components
Size: Approx. 8.5×6.5×3.7cm/ 3.35×2.56×1.46″
Processor: For ARM 32 Bit Chips
Font color: Multi Colors
Screen: 2.8″ TFT
Resolution Ratio: 320×240
Power Supply: DC 5V
Operation Current: 1-2A
Temperature Measure Range: -20 to 60 ℃
Accuracy: ±0.1 ℃
Language Version: English Version
Package Included:
1 x PM2.5 Air Quality Detector
1 x USB Cable


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8 reviews for PM2.5 Air Quality Dust Sensor Tester

  1. Debra

    Little to say about this unit. I’ve tested this with other more expensive units out there and it’s definitely accurate. I was going to build my own air quality reader with the PMS5003 detector, but by the time you factor in the Arduino controller and the LCD display, you’re not saving much money. I recommend buying this little guy instead of building your own.

  2. Robert

    I don’t know the accuracy of the sensor, but I do know it tracks the air changes well. If I don’t do woodworking my garage for a few days or a week I can go in there and it always reads between 5-12. Once I start cutting things it gets up to 50 quickly and above. Once I kick on my air purifier it goes back down to 0-1 quickly.

  3. Tim

    I like the LCD screen, nicer to look at than an alpha-numeric display. More importantly, it seems to be accurate as measured against government equipment and follows air quality conditions as you’d expect.

  4. Racheal

    Really simple and bare bones, just plug it into the USB and it gives you a reading of the air in the room you’re currently in. I compared it with the air quality readings locally, and it seems accurate.Really great way to keep track of how your house air quality is doing and whether you need to run that purifier or not.

  5. Joy

    This is a nice and accurate little air quality meter, based on a high quality sensor. Was considering building my own using the same sensor, but this one really does everything I need.

  6. Judy

    We have used it at home for +3 months to follow our air quality in terms of dust/allergen particles in the air. It seems accurate despite not having a second source of data against which to validate. It has been a great resource to track air quality in the home and car.

  7. Mark

    Actually works. Uses the Chinese value for what air quality is good vs bad but regardless of the color the number is, a lower number is always better.

  8. Gregory

    What a great product. I bought it during the recent fires in northern California so I could get a sense for the air quality. It tracked extremely well with the official forecasts and was really able to tell me how well the filters in both my home and Carr were doing at removing particulates from the air. I got some serious peace of mind.

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