Portable Premium Car Heater Windshield Defroster
$55.99 $41.99

Portable Premium Car Heater Windshield Defroster

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$55.99 $41.99


  • STRONG FROST DEFROSTER – This 12 volt heater is designed to quickly clean the frost, fog, mist on your vehicle’s windshield. This car space heater saves you time and fuel by using your car’s alternator to keep the heater powered instead of gas.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION – Our portable windshield defroster features 360-degree rotation design which allows you to freely adjust the heating direction anywhere you want to blow.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Designed to be your travel companion, this portable car space heater will provide a warm and safe journey for you and your family.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Simply plug the heater into your car’s cigarette lighter and press the fan or heater switch to work. The 12 volt portable car heater is very handy and will be very useful and help you save time by defrosting your vehicle.


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8 reviews for Portable Premium Car Heater Windshield Defroster

  1. Alex

    Bought because the old pads had started disintegrating and black bits flaking off. These fitted perfectly and feel as good as the originals and have lasted well with regular use over the past few months so far.

  2. Abby

    Awesome product, really helps to defrosts your windshield and heats up really warm after a couple of minutes.

  3. Rina

    I have been using it for 1 month, it works very well and can quickly raise the temperature of the car. The hot air heaters performed very well. The cold weather outside the car is particularly warm in the car.
    Very warm, is a very good product, I plan to buy 5, I plan to give it to my family and friends at Christmas time, it is a good gift, winter is very much needed, good idea

  4. Ella

    This heater came well recommended by a friend of mine. We need it for our travel in Massachusetts. Easy to install and work with. This little guy gives heat when you start to drive a cold car. It defrost mist on the windows within minutes. Easy to use, small size not too bulky.

  5. Emma

    Being old enough to remember buying 2 x chargers in the 1980/90s period measuring 12 inches and more, this is so small and compact and really does the business should you just want to charge AA and AAA sizes. Excellent, buy with confidence on my own experiences. Using mine for home telephones here 3 phones in different rooms.

  6. Vicky

    I got this to help with presentations at work and it works really well. Its nice to hold comfortable on the hand and functions are simple and easy to use. The laser is nice and bright so can be easily seen even in Daylight. Perfect for the job and a great price. Would defiantly buy again.

  7. Fer

    This works better than I expected for a portable plug in heater! It definitely helps warm up a cold car!

  8. Mom

    Yes it’s a lovely product and I’m so lucky to have it.

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