Roovia Compact Personal Space Heater

Roovia Compact Personal Space Heater

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  • COMFORT IN SECONDS – You’ll feel the warmth immediately. Roovia warms the space around you, creating warmth and comfort right where you want it.
  • ENERGY SMART – Don’t waste energy trying to warm every corner of a room. Use Roovia to create comfort zones in the places you spend the most time. At 600W Roovia is perfect for under your desk, beside couches and sofas, near pet beds, and in childrens rooms.
  • SAFEST DESIGN – With no cords to trip over and no loss of floor space, you’ll never have to worry about knocking over your Roovia, making it the safest space heater on the market. Roovia is ETL and UL listed, with built-in overheat protection and meets or exceeds all US and Canadian standards.
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE – The power connector swivels 180 degrees, letting your Roovia turn sideways or upside down in your power outlet to save space as needed.
  • QUIET FAN WITH 2 SELECTABLE SPEEDS – With HIGH and LOW fan settings, Roovia can create small comfort zones or push more heat into the room.


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6 reviews for Roovia Compact Personal Space Heater

  1. Monica

    What a pleasant surprise this was.Wow. I’d like to know what else people have bought that is less noisy and gives more heat. I’ve been buying bigger heaters for my bedroom for a long time — after a few years they all give out — and this one is better than any I’ve had. Not as noisy as others and gives a surprising amount of heat for being in a tiny — and attractive — casing.

  2. Katrina

    This little heater is a powerhouse!! Don’t judge it by it’s small size!! I got this little heater for my computer room because it’s the coolest room in the winter months. It keeps me nice and warm and toasty!! I love the design; it almost looks like a stereo speaker or alarm clock, which makes it look good in any room you chose to use it in. The heat is instantaneous and it has a nice control knob on top which let’s you adjust the heat and it has auto shut-off. I never even have to put in on the high setting, because I keept it a couple of feet away from me on the floor and it gets nice and toasty within a couple of minutes! I love the safety features it has too. If it is bumped/moved or tips over, it will automatically shut-off. It is very quiet too. You don’t have to worry about getting burned because the exterior stays cool. Only the heating element inside gets hot.

  3. Peta

    Works very well. I have it in my bathroom on a timer to turn on a half hour before I awake to a toasty morning routine. I have also used it in my 2 car garage to bring the room up to a reasonable working temp when its freezing outside. It does have a mild tolerable fan hum as nearly every fan does from heaters to even most computer fans. And even though another reviewer stated that they cant tell a difference in the heat settings, there is absolutely a big difference. The unit turns off and on automatically with the thermostat setting knob adjustment on top. it has a little pressure switch on the bottom near the back metal leg that will turn the unit off if it isnt depressed from the unit sitting upright. I suppose it could be bypassed with tape if your application required it.

  4. Grace

    I bought this heater after researching the safest heaters to use in a nursery. Our rooms get very cold if the doors are closed due to us having a pellet stove for heat. Therefore, I needed a heater that would be safe to use. Basically, I like this one.

  5. Brett

    I’m super happy with my new room heater. I used it last night for the first time and got really excited to write about how much I like it already! It’s small but even on the lowest setting, it gets the room SUPER warm! I thought I would need to leave it on all night but it ended up getting too warm so I only had it on for half. It’s really great. I love that it has several protection features (when you drop it and if it’s too hot). I’d imagine it to be great for even a large space such as a kitchen or living room. It’s also user friendly and simplistic. Highly recommend!

  6. Paul

    This little heater puts out the heat. I have been using it, daily for over a month now, and surprisingly, my power bill has not risen. You will love this item if you are looking for a heater that actually “blows” hot air where you need it. I use it in an “unheated” garage to sit at my desk on my computer. It keeps me warm and comfy. When I am not in my garage, I keep it on to keep the garage warm for my pc, TV, printer, and everything else I have in there. This heater is on 24/7. It is awesome. I have gone through so many space heaters, and returned the majority of them, since they do not put out much heat and I had to be right on top of them to feel any heat at all. Freezing is not fun for me. If you are in the same boat, try this heater. You will love it.

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